Katrina Orr

living * learning * doing * becoming

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I am a healing arts practitioner, creative entrepreneur and knowledge seeker living in Toronto and travelling the world, practicing yoga, meditation and bodywork. 

Hailing from Nova Scotia, nature, fluidity, a down to earth attitude and slow pace influence my style of practice and approach to life. I periodically offer my services on the East Coast - check When/Where for details.

I am a creative explorer.
On a quest to access and understand the limitless wisdom that is contained within each of us, I am a forever student of life, the human body & mind, contemplative sciences and the healing arts. Using tools acquired along life's way, my greatest work is in guiding and supporting others to live, move and work mindfully and holistically.

I am a conscious facilitator/connector.
I listen to what people have to offer, verbally and intuitively. Fortunate to be connected to many people and places, I enjoy the magic of bringing together beings and things. My explorative nature, curious mind, dedication to freedom and passion for a life well lived facilitate my work and have permeated the way I see both life and "business." 

When not working I can usually be found cooking and/or eating in any locale or searching for a good swimming hole. Good food, music, nature and travel fuel and feed my body, mind and soul.

I believe that well being is a skill and endeavour to support you in being your best self so that you can live the life you dream.

Rooted in science.
Guided by breath.
Living by intuition.
Flowing with Universal rhythms.

I look forward to connecting with you.

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I give immense gratitude to my family, friends, mentors and guides over the years, who inspire me, my life, my heart and my work beyond measure.





mindful leadership

For movers, healers, creators and small business.
Supporting big ideas and great people.


mindful gatherings

Cultivating curiosity, fostering resiliency, encouraging open exploration.
Leading hearts and minds into the present moment with kindness, space to be still and tools for self practice.



Following principles of Eastern Medical theory, intuitive response to your body's needs and breath movement - hand, elbow and knee pressure are used to promote energetic balance in the body and bring ease to muscles and tissues.

With training in Thai and Shiatsu techniques, my touch is strong and energetic.

$80 for 60mins ~ $110 for 90mins
Recurring appointment discounts negotiable.


restorative * yin * vinyasa

Guiding and supporting others in their exploration of embodiment via the yoga practice with one-to-one session, in groups and though workshops & trainings.



consulting / bodywork / meditation / yoga

In Toronto or Online by appointment

east coast

Sometimes I offer services and gatherings in Nova Scotia
@ The Bridge Community Hub
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Why I do what I do...

I desire to work as an extension of how I live. By making choices, seeking activities and building relationships that are in line with my personal values, I have managed to create a life I love; one that I have designed and that is always evolving. I love supporting and guiding people through their ups, downs and all arounds to create a greater connect to body and mind, to the present moment and to a life well lived. 

I am fascinated by the body, by the immense nature of our minds, by fascia, by the unique nature of each human and their experiences, and by the world in which we live and move. 

My Core Values: Authenticity, Exploration, Freedom, Wisdom, Lightness

Why work with me...

I will hold space for you.
I want to meet you where you are at in body, in mind and in life.

We work together.

I believe that all of our experiences since the beginning of time are stored in our bodies, as well as that we are each our own healer and teacher. I am honored to do work that connects us to these philosohpies by supporting individual evolution in the art and practice of self-awareness and self-care.



Get in touch with me to discuss how we can work together. 

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Explore * Experience * enrich

I believe in challenging your comfort zone.

Travelling and sharing adventures is an important part of what I do and who I am.
Join my friends and I at one of the retreats listed below.


Check back for 2019-2020 happenings!